The Ground to Ground Primer – Coffee Grounds for the Garden

Using Coffee grounds in compost

Ground to Ground

coffee logoMaking a difference, one latte at a time

Used Coffee Grounds (UCG) have been used on plants and in compost for hundreds of years.

Somewhere along the way most of us gave it away, stopped growing our own food, and relied on an increasingly effective industrialised effort to provide food to the table.

Most of us are totally dependant on food production systems which exclude us from all but the final step of consumption – We buy and consume only the end products, and if for whatever reason the shelves become empty, the only thing left to do is starve.

I wanted some measure of control over how my food is produced, while appreciating the environmental footprint of doing it.

The first step was to start improving the quality of my soil through compost, fertilizer, and vermicast. This is when I discovered an almost limitless and cost free additive to…

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