Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli was invented by Swiss Physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner.  He discovered the healing power of raw fruits and vegetables, combined with a healthy lifestyle.  His original muesli bore no relation to the packaged highly sugared muesli found on supermarket shelves today.

This recipe is pretty close to his original.

one cup of apple juice,

one cup of oats,

one cup of yogurt.

Mix together and leave overnight.  Makes two servings.

I double the recipe and keep it in the fridge for breakfast every morning. Topped with chopped apple or banana it is an incredibly nutritious breakfast.  Both Oats and Apples are good if you have high cholesterol.

For extra flavour you can add currants or small sultanas into the mix. The soaking plumps them and brings out the sweetness.

If you have no fruit for topping some honey and a spoon of vanilla are a tasty variation.

Or make this apple and apricot spread, It makes heaps you can keep it in the fridge and put it on Bircher muesli or whole meal toast or eat it for dessert with yogurt.

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