Growing Sprouts.

Mung Beans – probably the easiest most popular seeds to sprout.

Soak for 15 – 24 hours, Strain into a glass jar. You can keep in the dark for sweeter sprouts or what I prefer into a spot where they can get the sunshine and make all that beautiful healthy chlorophyll. Every morning and every evening rinse the sprouts. In 3 or 4 days they are ready to eat. Pop them in a ziplock bag and store in the fridge. Better still eat them with everything.

One of the best things to top the jar with so that you can easily rinse the beans is some clean stocking.

Seeds to sprout

Mustard seeds

5 responses to “Growing Sprouts.

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  3. I’m growing some baby brocoli sprouts, but this is the 6th day and they have sprouted, but look a little pale around the gills. Do you think this is lack of light? I rinse them about 4 times a day to keep them fresh…

  4. Sorry, I didn’t put my correct ID details in.

  5. goldcoastlocal

    You do need light to give sprouts a good colour. I have started growing sprouts in seed raising mix. They seem to be stronger, greener and have more flavor.

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