Growing Carrots in South East Queensland

The bed was prepared for the carrots on the 20th April 2011. The soil is deep and crumbly without rocks. not to fertile. We scattered seed raising mix on top of the soil to plant the seeds in.

We laid a board over about 1/3 of the seeds after reading that it helped germinate the seeds. Germination took about 7-8 days those under the board were longer and looked stronger.

You can see on the two photos on the 28th April the 2nd photo is the seedlings from under the board.


The carrots grew well, we had plenty of rain.

    2nd June I thinned the carrots. Some of the stronger ones I replanted.Carefully in nice deep holes. The smaller ones were washed and thrown into the frittata we had for dinner that night. The tiny plant has a lovely strong carrot flavour. It’s a little chewy but full of goodness.

I wouldn’t worry about replanting the carrots again, the replanted ones didn’t grow so well and it was very time consuming.

I probably watered the carrots every other day unless we had rain. They have grown beautifully and have so much flavor. I only planted carrots because I got free seeds.  But the taste is so different to bought carrots that I can’t wait to plant more.

  I just ordered some purple heirloom carrots to plant when I get home.

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