Osso Bucco – Italian beef/veal shanks

Osso bucco is a delicious Italian family dish that is simple to make and feeds a family of four at least two nights meals.  I will often make it at the same time as I cook another meal. That way I know that later in the week there are two more dinners ready and waiting to be heated and served.  When I  go away with my work I will often double the recipe and pop another couple of meals in the freezer so all my family need to do when they get home from work and school is cook some pasta, heat the sauce and pour it over. It is a life saving meal for busy mothers and one I have been cooking for years.

Osso Bucco

4 pieces of Osso Bucco (veal shanks) approx 1kg

2 600ml bottles of Tomato Passata or 4 tins tomatoes


3 Garlic Cloves, Juice of one lemon, Salt, Chopped Parsley.

Olive Oil

  1. Caramalise Osso Bucco really well in the Olive Oil.
  2. Pour on the tomato sauce, bring to boil turn down and cook slowly for 3 hours or so. Until the meat is falling off the bones.
  3. Crush garlic with salt, add lemon and chopped parsley stir through Osso Bucco and serve over Pasta tossed with olive oil and lightly sauteed chopped garlic.
  4. Serve

This will make enough sauce for two meals for 4 people, it can easily be multiplied for more people. The sauce can be frozen. It is always better served the day after it is cooked. Gremolata is always added just before serving.

Optional top with Parmesan cheese, some yogurt or sour cream and chili.

If you like add a cup or so of red wine 🙂

The second time you serve it add some Radiccio or silverbeet and serve over Gnocchi


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