Create a no-dig garden

I have fallen in love with baby choy sum, it is delicious.  I also want to grow more Kale, English Spinach and Radicchio.  So I need some more garden.  Looking at my garden I think the simplest way is to join two beds, it is a sunny spot and looks the right size for the amount of green and leafy I want to grow.

You can see from my photos I am not a fan of nice rectangle or square garden beds, my beds meander and curve.   What I do like to do, is always have places where I can step safely without flattening the soil.

A  No-Dig Garden is the easiest place to grow things.

There are less weeds and if any dare to show their face just cover them with more straw and newspaper. No-Digging  required in this garden.

Slugs and Snails are less attracted to No-Dig  Garden. Possibly because the rich organic layers attract earthworms which brings a more alkaline soil.

A No-Dig garden has a life of roughly seven years,  with regular topping of compost, manure and hay usually at the beginning of the season.

The 5 layers of a No-Dig Garden.




More Straw 17 – 20 cms deep

Topped with 15 –  20 cms rich compost or organic soil where you are going to plant your seedlings or seeds.

In the one above I have planted seeds.  So on Saturday I will put organic soil on the other side of the garden ready to thin out the seedlings. Or  plant something different.

3 responses to “Create a no-dig garden

  1. Very clever

  2. I love, love, LOVE digless gardens!! They are so easy to make and maintain. But I am lazy I don’t like the back ache so I got a few iron pods or ‘surrounds’, put a few rocks in the bottom, lined it with that meshy stuff from Bunnings and layered up with newspaper, sugar cane mulch, manure, water crystals and organic soil… the kale and tomatoes are absolutely powering!! I really like how digless gardening in my pods takes the back strain out of gardening but I can still have my digless garden with all the goodies!!! It’s almost TOO easy! After looking around and seeing many flimsy pods I came across Recycled Iron Garden Surrounds (Gold Coast, Q)
    Their pods are Aussie made by the young lass’ dad using repurposed iron from Queensland sheds and dairies of a time gone by and fixed with good quality steel studs. My world of digless gardening is sheer bliss!

  3. They look great, Leah I think I have met you a few years ago. Were you helping out with family first.

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