11 days of Green and Leafy

Lima Beans mashed with Garlic and topped with Curly Parsley.

The remaining lima beans are simmered for about 40 minutes, then drained.  Saute two or three chopped garlic cloves until fragrant and just about to turn brown.  Stir through the lima beans and mash. Top with curly parsley.

It’s been 11 days of green and leafy from the garden,  It has made me plant and sprout and eat green and leafy every day.  Last weekend I planted mustard, rocket, lettuce, silverbeet, and spinach. This weekend I planted lots of radish seeds. Lots of them because with radish you can eat the leafy green as well as the radish so as I thin them out they will add to my salad bowl.

What is about green and leafy that is so good for us.  It is the chlorophyll in green and leafy vegetables that makes them green. The amazing thing about chlorophyll is that it is the same as blood apart from the one atom in the hub. In blood the atom is iron and in chlorophyll the atom is magnesium. The iron attracts oxygen and the magnesium attracts light.  Chlorophyll builds the blood by  cleansing and nourishing it.

What I am discovering is how easy it is to grow green and leafy.  Tonight I spent about 10 minutes watering the garden and a few minutes rinsing the sprouts.


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