Delicious Pesto.  Basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, and a little olive oil. Because we were eating it with a very rich Osso Bucco I added some lemon juice, Normally I would stir lemon juice, chopped garlic and parsley through the Osso Bucco.  Tonight with the Pesto there is enough flavour so simply added a shot of lemon juice to the Pesto.

The basil plant was getting a bit straggly with tough stalks, so it has been chopped right back and I am planning to plant both seedlings and seeds this weekend.  I have left it in the ground though and hopefully will get a few leaves whilst I wait for the new basil.

All the basil went into the blender with about 60g of pine nuts a couple of cloves of garlic a good squeeze of lemon juice and a splodge of olive oil.

I never measure, just blend it all together and taste.  Add a little more of whatever your tastebuds tell you.  Because David eats dairy free in this house the parmesan is served separately.

Pesto originated in Genoa Italy and is usually prepared in a mortar and pestle or chopped with a mezzaluna knife.  Being a busy mum I whizzed it up in the blender but I will have to give the hands on method a go another day.


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