Back home from visiting Mum’s Garden. My inspiration.

Tonights dinner Lamb’s Lettuce & Nasturtium flowers.

The garden survived our trip away.  Two hours today in the garden. I  topped up the potatoes with organic soil, now they are deep enough.  Planted the Sage and Marjoram from Mum’s garden. I have lost the horseradish.  The only thing I can think is that it blew away.  Who knows it has definitely disappeared. I am disappointed as the leaves taste great.  Photos tomorrow of the marjoram and sage.   Mulched around the next lot of lettuce and silver beet which are coming along nicely.

Need to get planting this weekend, my green and leafy supply is looking quite depleted. Very few of the seeds I planted a few weeks ago are coming up. The next lot of seeds I plan to put in seed trays and sprout first.


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