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Its 2014 and the Mango tree is thriving.

Mango Tree 2014

Its 2014 and the mango tree is full of bloom Mango Tree 2014

A month later and its loaded with fruit.

Yesterday my friend who we bought the house off visited us.  She loved the garden and the blog.  Most of all she loved the mango tree which had been a gift to see it thriving blessed her immensely. We thought it was a Bowen Mango and Val confirmed this.  Wow I’m really looking forward to seeing the fruit grow and ripen.

It was  wonderful to see her and talk with her again.  For me she was one of those people who as soon as we met we knew and liked one another.  She knew from the moment she met us that her house was right for us.  I always knew I loved her house.  So when it was time for her to leave we bought the house and I just love living here.