Store a watermelon.

Big watermelons are a challenge.

Where do you keep them? They take a huge amount of fridge space and are heavy.

We lived in Esk a few years ago. A watermelon growing area. I miss buying huge watermelons for $2 at the farm gate.

A farmer told us this. Put the watermelon in a shady spot in the garden, until your ready to eat it.

We did this at Christmas a couple of weeks before we bought the watermelon popped it on some straw in the garden.

We didn’t eat it till about 10 days after Christmas.

The one in the photo I bought 10 days ago. From the back of a farmers ute. Very fresh.

I’m using it tonight for a family dinner.


4 responses to “Store a watermelon.

  1. Who knew? Granted I was a little taken aback at the thought of buying a watermelon at Christmas, let alone putting it in the yard, but, in 6 months, I am going to be one happy watermelon keeper. Thanks!

  2. Ha ha your welcome. It always amazes me how they sit there so happy.

    I was born in England and cold Christmas, January snow seem dreamlike now.

  3. Watermelons are the best my dad still grows them in his garden I look forward to them ripening each season

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