Jamie Oliver’s Jerk Ham

This will be the 3rd Christmas in a row we’ve cooked Jamie’s Christmas recipes. The Jerk ham is my favourite.


I love my Christmas leg of ham. It starts here a full Leg and ends with the bone cooked into pea and ham soup.



My butcher cures their own Hams

Hinterland Choice Meats

Hinterland Choice Meats


8 Cloves Garlic

2 Onions cut into quarters

8 Scotch Bonnet Chillis seeds and all

Bay leaves
2 tbs cinnamon
2 tbs allspice
2tbs Nutmeg
1 tbs whole cloves

1tbs Sea salt
1tbs. Black Pepper

Bunch of thyme

125ml  Malt vinegar

Ham Skin peeled off and ScoredFood process into a paste. Don’t worry if it’s really hot because it’s just on the edges of the ham.

Because the ham is so large, I usually double the mixture. Any left over can be used with fish or chicken.

Peel skin off Ham
Criss cross ham all over

Pour over seasoning

Bake at 180 for 2 h0urs basting every 30 mins

Baked HamRum and Orange Marmelade20131224-221829.jpg



250ml Rum

Orange marmelade


Mix Marmelade and Rum together. Baste Ham every 5 -6 mins for another 30 mins. Until the coating is crisp and glazed.


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