Pandoro Bakery Stall Turf Club Markets Southport

Life is full on this year, I have been working at the Pandoro Bakery Bakery stall at the Southport Turf Club Markets.  It’s a lot of fun and the bakery goods are just delicious. The Almond Croissants are supurb. The Chocolate Croissant stuffed with chocolate and dipped on top. If your around Southport on a Sunday morning come and visit.


5 responses to “Pandoro Bakery Stall Turf Club Markets Southport

  1. I’ve worked in the food industry and, frankly, it was just a job. We made Italian foods which were then packed, frozen, and shipped to restaurants and stores. I could never work in a bakery, however. If they didn’t fire me for “sampling”, surely they would when I could no longer fit through the shop’s doors.

  2. Lovely to see you blogging 🙂 I love almond croissants and I often end up so disappointed – they’re not fresh enough, or have too much goo in them, too large etc etc. One day I really should look into trying to make my own, as I say one day …. 😉

  3. goldcoastlocal

    I miss blogging and gardening, not even doing much cooking so busy, 2 kids in final year at school and doing a 2nd job makes everything pretty full on.

    These almond croissants are delicious they are made only a few hours before we sell them and the filling is just right they are so good.

    It’s so nice to talk to you both again

  4. we will look forward to trying them when we come up in a few week

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