Kang Kong


Kang Kang is becoming a firm favourite tonight was the 3rd harvest. It grows so easily.    
Well my summer hiatus is over my garden has been drowned by all the rain. My water bill was 900 dollars and I tried to be careful with watering so now my new challenge is to eat from my garden every day whilst cutting down my water usage.                       My other goals for this year are walking the Kokoda challenge 96km in 39 hours through the Gold Coast hinterland.  Preparing for my parents moving into the flat downstairs next year. Getting my son through year 12 and into uni. Plus start a market stall and online food business.  So it is going to be a very busy year.


6 responses to “Kang Kong

  1. oh wow, that’s definitely a busy year ahead. I try and conserve as much water as possible.
    And I’ve never heard of Kang Kang before.

  2. Bit of a scary year really. But will be fun. Kang kong is amazingly easy to grow and will grow from sitting in water. There are a couple of different kinds. It is a great green vege to grow because it takes no work just keep water up to it.

  3. Ann Lazarsfeld-Jensen

    Can you do water tanks around your place?

  4. That’s the answer, and we actually have 4 water barrels that were here before we bought the house. I need a new hand pump to get the water out of them. I haven’t used much water for the garden, our water cost has just about doubled here. It’s a great incentive to get the tanks functioning.

  5. I have just started a vege garden, took me a while and it’s all so very exciting, I have to stop myself from checking it twice a day, a bit like watching paint dry….

    • goldcoastlocal

      I am the same I want to dig things up and check the roots. I am struggling to garden right now I have twins in the final year of high school and have been working on a bakery stall at a market. Plus work full time. I checked your blog it

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