My First Mango & Lenticche for dinner

 The First Mango from my tree. It was so sweet and delicious and seemed to ripen in the middle of the rain.


2 Large onions

3 Cloves garlic

3-4 tbs Olive Oil

2 cups green lentils

1 litre Chicken Stock, Homemade or (low salt)

4 cups pasta, macaroni or twirls are best

Grated Cheese



Saute Onions and Garlic till soft and just starting to colour. Stir through lentils. Pour in stock, Bring to boil and simmer until lentils are almost soft about 30mins.

Add Pasta, cook for about 20mins. until pasta is cooked. It takes longer than normal to cook because of the thick sauce it is in.

Serve topped with grated Cheese, Yogurt, and chilli for those who like a bit of heat.

Serve with Green Salad, Purple onions, basil tossed with Italian Dressing


One response to “My First Mango & Lenticche for dinner

  1. This meal sounds terrific! You have a mango tree? Great! Just the idea of picking anything right now, in the middle of our Winter, sounds so wonderful. I need a vacation 🙂

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