Hijacked by a garden





A whole day in the garden cleaning, weeding, collecting Parsley seeds, planting a mini Rosemary hedge. A wonderful day.  I had a long list of must do’s.  But the good man had another plan. Hire a ladder and clean the gutters and of course he needed me to hold the ladder.  Once he was on the roof I had to hang around the garden waiting for him to come down.  No hardship, the first thing I spotted was the Parsley Seeds were ready to drop so they were  collected and the old plants pulled out.  Hours later and the whole terrace is cleaned up, old scruffy beds full of bits and pieces gone.  Curry herb and Rosemary taken from cuttings now into the garden.

None of the very important must do jobs got done but never mind they will still be there tomorrow and today was a great day

22.1.12 planted snake bean seeds, warragul greens seeds


4 responses to “Hijacked by a garden

  1. With 6 inches of snow on the ground outside my door, seeing these photos of your garden are heaven-sent. Better days are coming …

  2. I have wonderful memories of snow, but I was only 16 when I left the UK

    Here in Queensland we can grow all year although Jan and Feb are so hot lots of new seeds and seedlings don’t survive

  3. Those tomatoes look amazing!

  4. They were Santorini tomatoes and delicious

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