Sorrel and Avocado Salad

Sorrel is an old vegetable not much eaten today.  I have never seen it for sale in shops, I haven’t seen it in any gardens.  I had never tasted Sorrel  till I planted it. It is high in vitamin C  and has a high level of oxalic acid which gives it a  flavor with a tang not citrus but reminiscent of it.    It is slightly acidic, a very green flavor if that helps to describe it.

It has been very easy to grow,  and is one of the few things left growing.  A vegetable that originated in the mountain areas of France.  It can be substituted for spinach or made into soups and sauces.  Sorrel will grow up to  1/2 a meter tall and likes to be in a cool shady environment.

I wasn’t sure how to prepare it,  I have used it before in a mixed  salad,  but tonight I wanted to highlight the flavor. I thought about the acidic taste and decided to serve a salad of avocado and sorrel.  Avocado and tomato go really well, tomato is an acidic vegetable so therefore avocado and sorrel should work. It did work, it was as good a combination as avocado and tomato. I used a light salad dressing with apple cider vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper and it was delicious. The acidic taste of the sorrel married well with the creamy avocado flavor.  Definitely a winner, and as there is plenty of sorrel growing in the garden it is a salad we will be eating again.

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One response to “Sorrel and Avocado Salad

  1. I discovered sorrel too when I started to grow my own veg. It’s unique and as I’ve found out very hardy. Your salad sounds perfect

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