Garden beds at the ready for the 2nd round of planting.

 These are the carrots that survived the cat. I am not sure why they are all orange but one. They are supposed to be purple. Maybe the cat frightened the colour out of them.

There isn’t a lot of food left in the garden but tonight we got choy sum and carrots.

Today I worked on rebuilding the garden beds.  I moved 2/3 rds of the two ute loads of organic soil, I won’t be doing too much else today.

     The bed to be revitalised, the perpetual spinach needs moving to another bed. The weeds pulled out. The old mizuna lettuce and silverbeet to the compost heap. The grass around the edges has to go.

I didn’t think the chilli seeds were going to sprout, but here the are and they have been moved to the edge of the Horta patch, with some Heartsease.

The bed looks great now, just needs some blood and bone. New seeds will arrive mid week.

…and for dinner home grown carrots and choy sum.


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