Kisir – A Turkish salad, involving children in the kitchen.

 KISIR The photo does not do the dish justice.  My sister lived in Turkey for a couple of years and this is one of the recipes she brought home. Similar to Tabouli but with less parsley and tomato paste.  It tastes delicious.

Making Kisir

Soak cracked wheat in boiling water for 10mins. Rinse, drain and dry.

Toss through finely chopped spring onion or purple onion  and parsley.

Add finely diced tomato and cucumber.

Stir through a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste and hot paprika. Serve with Lettuce.

Quick, easy, healthy and delicious.

 and for our leafy greens tonight Darko my lovely young man cooked dinner and made a Turkish style potato salad using fresh herbs from the garden lots of mint and garlic chives.

 The 2nd lot of buckwheat greens are growing madly in the lid of a shoebox. Sitting in the top of a small trolley. They are prolific.  They are great in salad with a mild flavor, a perfect micro green for young children to grow.

I love it when my children cook. I know they will be fine as adults and will be able to look after themselves properly.  Because for years they have been involved in preparing food and shopping for food.

The best way to involve children is to have them preparing food alongside you. Give them jobs to do and make them fun and interesting.  Don’t worry about mess to much. (although make sure they know to clean up after themself)  Tee-Jay has had the run of the kitchen since she was 12 and often has a better idea of what is in the cupboard than I do.  We could do this  because we know she works carefully and cleans everything up after herself.

You could almost guarantee that if a child grew some sprouts, and put them on bread with a little mayonnaise everyone of  those sprouts would be eaten with true enjoyment, with this would come a sense of accomplishment the satisfaction of achievement, and a child that ate their vegies.

these are the ways we build strength and character into children, giving them skills, helping them to become capable and responsible adults who in turn will do the same way with their families.

My dream is to build an inheritance for my children, and I know that the ability to live life, well is the best inheritance I can give them.

Thank you for visiting remember to share your life with children you have so much to offer. Blessings RosieG



3 responses to “Kisir – A Turkish salad, involving children in the kitchen.

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  2. I love kisir It’s an all time favourite.
    And I think you are already creating an inheritance!

  3. thank you, that’s lovely. I had only eaten Kisir once before and I loved it so when my sister arrived to visit and said she would make some I jumped at the opportunity.

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