Mango Salad and More Strawberry Jam

Well I wasn’t very hungry tonight. I was on the road all day and ate lunch about 2:00 I was starving and bought a large pizza and ate just about all of it apart from two pieces.

Pretty horrible really, so I was dying for something fresh and healthy when I got home. A large salad of Mizuna lettuce,  Red salad bowl lettuce, thyme, basil, onion shoots and mung bean shoots with the piece de resistance lots of diced mango.  A dressing of olive oil, cider vinegar, salt and ground coriander (my own seeds)  made  a delicious dinner.

Another kilo of strawberries from the market this weekend, I was planning to make strawberry jubes, but have run out of time. So another lot of strawberry jam will have to suffice.  Which is probably good because I have already eaten half of last weeks.

I also have a tray of mangos that I picked up for $5 that I need to do something with. I used two in the salad and have about 9 left.  Maybe I will finally make that pavlova.

My love for food and cooking has been revitalized thanks to my Garden.

Thank you for visiting, Enjoy eating lots of love RosieG


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