Plant gardens and eat the food they produce. Jeremiahs wise advice

Being in the garden, planting, pulling out weeds, separating seeds from chaff, feeding and watering, growing cooking and eating what you have grown is so good for the soul.  When Jeremiah wrote to the Israelites in Captivity and said to them “build homes and plan to stay, plant gardens and eat the food they produce”  he gave them hope. They had lost everything, their dreams were shattered, their country gone and he said to them “build homes and plan to stay, plant gardens and eat the food they produce”  He gave them a way to live and overcome their broken dreams. Because when you are in the garden you are in a microcosm of life, when you are building and planing your soul is soothed you recognise the cycles of life, you sow and you reap and hope grows in your heart.

Six years ago I had breast cancer and went through the whole surgery (lumpectomy) chemo and radiation saga.  When I was diagnosed I was already in the middle of probably (I hope so anyway) the most difficult and horrible time in my life.  Everything broke, house, car, health, jobs.  We just kept going putting one foot in front of the other, believing that things would work out and get better.

Two years ago I was still struggling and frustrated my dreams in shatters. Like the Israelites I felt in captivity.  Then we bought this house and this garden that I love and slowly as I started learning to garden, my love for food was revitalised I began to cook again. I remembered I had so much to be grateful for and hope once more  rose in my heart.

In the garden I have grown in strength, I am dreaming dreams again  But one thing I have learned beyond anything is that the most important place to  have success is with your family and in the way you handle lifes twists and turns.  To create a home that is a place of restoration, a place of safety and a place of love that is the greatest thing to create.  If other dreams come to fruitition then that is a blessing but if not and all I do with my life is make a safe place for my family be a friend and a wife to my husband, a friend and mother to my children. Be one who encourages and builds into the lives of my friends and neighbours.  Be a person who knows how to enjoy life in the midst of all its complexities then I have had a successful life.

And so my Jeremiah life, my life of planting a garden and eating the food it produces has turned out to be a great life.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy being a blessing love RosieG


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