Tinned tomatoes




The tomatoes in the olive oil tins are doing really well.  I have definitely crossed the barrier into insanity. I came home from work with 4 bags of horse manure.  I have cooked like a mad women, a veal shoulder stuffed with bacon and mushrooms  in garlic balsamic vinegar and oregano. Used the bone to make some stock and cooked the kg of strawberries I got yesterday for 5  dollars into jam. And I came home tired I am definitely crazy. But I do love homemade strawberry jam.  The veal shoulder turned out very well and was sliced and topped with mustard sprouts. And now I am going to bed still tired but so happy.


2 responses to “Tinned tomatoes

  1. I love your tinned tomatoes 🙂 I’ve seen gardens (around the world) where people use tins, any kind of container to house their plants. Recycling at it’s best and funkiest.
    as to the manure – you are far from insane, your veggies will love it !

  2. ah thanks, my car is a work car and a very pretty mazda 3 my husband and i both work at the same place, he thinks I am mad, he got in the car and smelt the manure. I thought I was mad because I came home from work exhausted and then cooked for hours. But it’s good in a marriage when you can agree!!!!

    I love the tomatoes in the tin, I have some more tins, but cutting the tops off is a bit of a job. I will have to do it, then next year I can plant more.

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