Buckwheat Rissoles and Buckwheat Sprouts – Gluten Free

Buckwheat Rissoles topped with avocado and Buckwheat Sprouts.

Buckwheat Rissoles are surprisingly different to many vegetarian burger type foods. Although buckwheat looks and acts like a grain, it isn’t a grain it is from the same family as Rhubarb. So it has more of the green leafy vegetable kind of flavour.  Many vegetarian burgers have a bean base and taste. The buckwheat is very different.

What I loved about tonights meal was the topping of buckwheat sprouts.  I need to plant more of these this weekend so that I have a supply they have a nice light taste to them.  They are incredibly easy to grow and can be used in a salad or as a topping.

We have had lots of lovely rain over the last 24 hours and the garden has loved it. Everything is looking very green and lush and the water chestnuts are thriving.


4 responses to “Buckwheat Rissoles and Buckwheat Sprouts – Gluten Free

  1. I’ve never tried buckwheat before, so now my curiosity is up 🙂 My mum used to make red lentil rissoles, but I’ve lost the recipe, so I must get onto trying to re-create them

  2. I wonder what the protein is like in buckwheat? If it is like lentils and beans. What does your OH eat for protein?

  3. Hi, I’m really conscious of making sure protein is in his (our diet) so I look to eggs, tofu, beans and nuts. And then there is cheese….. trouble is its loaded with fats!

  4. I love cheese but my dairy free husband can’t eat it I have never really cooked with tofu I’d like to do more with that. All the things you mentioned though are full of protein although I love a good steak I also love lots of vegetarian meals. My problem is I just love food.

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