Gremolata – The best seasoning for Osso Bucco

Gremolata is a delicious seasoning made from crushed garlic, salt and parsley. Tonight just because the marjoram looked so fresh and beautiful I added it to the mix.  The Osso Bucco was made earlier in the week.  It is so much tastier when you eat it a couple of days later. I have heard the Italians never eat their tomato dishes fresh but always keep them a few days to let the flavor develop.  Much of English Cooking is also the same. Thick meat and vegetable soups and stews are always better a couple of days after you cook them.

While my pasta is cooking I make the Gremolata. Crushing plenty of garlic and generous salt in a mortar and pestle.  Placing the parsley and the marjoram in a cup and snipping them with scissors till finely chopped. Then mixing the two together giving it all another pounding with the pestle.  A good squeeze of lemon juice finishes it off.

Add the cooked pasta to the osso bucco sauce stir through till it is well coated.  Then add the Gremolata, stir it through and serve.

Simple, Yummy, hearty food that can be cooked well before you need it leaving time for this busy mum to take her son for a job interview  after she has finished work.


One response to “Gremolata – The best seasoning for Osso Bucco

  1. The timing of your post is immaculate. We are having pasta with homemade tomato sauce tonight, and I was wondering what else to add to it, (beans, kale etc) when along comes this fabulous combination. Dinner is definitely now sorted 🙂

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