Everything benefits from a dip in sea minerals.

My Little $1 pot of mint on special from Bunnings got forgotton. This morning The Good Man spotted it very wilted and sick looking. A day soaking in seasol and what a difference, It’s like me after a visit to a dayspa completely rejuvenated.

Colcannon is a delicious Irish Potato Dish.  Its simple to make.

Mash the potatoes with lots of butter finely chopped onion, parsley and kale. The parsley and kale came from the garden. The kale is finished now.  This last bit was pretty tough so I cooked it before adding it to the potato, then I gave the whole dish a blend with the stick blender.  A little olive oil drizzled on top delicious.



2 responses to “Everything benefits from a dip in sea minerals.

  1. This is my first time on your blog and I’m truly amazed at what you have been doing! It’s almost December 16th! Wow you’ve been doing a wonderful job. I live right next to canyon and we have all kinds of animals coming by – deer, rabbit, etc etc and none of plants lived in our backyard. It’s always my dream to have my own garden but it’s just too much work to maintain when deer just come into our backyard. Good luck with your challenge! I’ll be reading your journey!

    • Oh but how amazing to have deer and rabbit visiting. that would be so beautiful. Thank you for your encouragement. I have been enjoying myself so much gardening, cooking and writing.

      But the other unexpected pleasure has been finding so many people out there in the world loving cooking, writing, gardening and raising their families.

      Life is good.

      Blessings RosieG

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