Baked potato topped with Buckwheat Sprouts, Yogurt and Cheese.

Tonight was the first Christmas Carols of the year, it was lovely and all of a sudden Christmas seems very close.  Last year we cooked lots of Jamie Olivers Christmas food.  A Jerk Ham, Turkey and Leek Pie, Chocolate Truffles.  Great Food.  My favorite thing to do at Christmas is to flame the Christmas Pudding. I can’t wait.

Life has been so busy lately there has been extra work, which has given me    extra money for the garden and that has been great, and lots of end of year things for school, It has truly been busy busy busy.  Tonight I planned to come home from work, cook dinner relax and blog but no says Talitha we must go to the Carols, and the Carols were worth it.

So dinner was very quick. Potatoes topped with yogurt, cheese and buckwheat sprouts. A simple salad of mizuna leaf, beetroot leaf and baby choy sum leaves, with left over chicken from the other night. Tasty, quick and  we left the cleaning up to the Good Man.

Life is very good, Enjoying the simple things. Watching things grow plants and children.  Eating good food, working in the garden.  Being with friends and family.  We are very blessed.

Thank you for visiting Enjoy life love RosieG.


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