Seedlings are shooting up.

I can not believe how quickly these seeds are sprouting. The ones that are coming up quickly are the ones often used for sprouting.  Buckwheat is really amazing I want to pick it and eat it but am stopping myself because it really is to small.  The buckwheat I sprouted was so thin and weak with dry bits of husk I threw it out. These sprouts coming up from the soil look healthy and vital.  I can also see how they are not a grain but from the same family as Rhubarb.  Although tiny the leaves in comparison to the stems are big and round reminiscent of rhubarb.

The radicchio is coming up beautifully.  I am looking forward to eating that as micro greens.   All that is left now to germinate is the onion, the heartsease and the perilla.

Dinner was delicious I cooked a recipe from promenade plantings blog Patatas Bravas and Garlic Mayonaise.  I was planning just a quick tea and had picked a little lettuce for a salad, but I did get carried away and ended up roasting potatoes, making the tomato sauce and the garlic mayonaise,  It was well worth it.  Simple to make and very yummy.  I didn’t actually eat much else.

Happy eating, Happy gardening thank you for visiting RosieG


2 responses to “Seedlings are shooting up.

  1. That’s fantastic I’m so pleased it worked out and you liked it:)
    It is a bit moreish!

  2. Oh definitely I went to get more and and my kids had cleaned it out Rosie

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