What a difference a day makes.

Amazing what a difference a day makes in the life of as seedling.  Out of the eight trays I planted five are sprouting.  It’s fascinating to see  how much they have grown in a day. The fenugreek seedlings pushed the soil up with as they grew over a cm. The soil stayed on top of the seedlings, looking like crumbly foam.

Our weather is a bit hot and humid for sprouting, so I decided it would be better to plant the seeds and grow micro greens.  I love the intense flavour of micro greens.  They will stay fresher and keep longer than sprouts which don’t do very well in humidity.

Tonight I picked the last of the kale and choy sum micro greens for the salad. They were lovely, four little leaves tiny stalks lots of flavour.

It is 5 months since I started my eating green and leafy with one month of my challenge to go.  My life has changed,  my garden is established and I have eaten something out of the garden every day, though I think I did miss one.  I am completely hooked on both gardening and blogging with lots of plans for more of both.

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2 responses to “What a difference a day makes.

  1. Wow, thats amazing!!! I’ve just started to get into looking after my own little herb garden, it’s amazing how quickly they grow. I love checking on them everyday and seeing those little changes. It’s such a rewarding feeling 😀

    • Herbs are such a great thing to grow with their intense flavors. I think because these seeds are used for sprouts they germinate really quickly. I can’t believe how they are growing. The weather is so humid at the moment it’s hard to keep sprouts fresh. I think this is going to work really well. Thank you for visiting

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