Big gardening day today.

Lots of tidying up in the garden today. The broad bean plants went to the compost, the 1st silver beet which gave us so many meals went off to the compost heap.

The water Iris is flowering it’s a beautiful pinky lilac colour.

I solved the water chestnut problem. My $3 boot tarp from Bunnings propped up  with bricks filled with dirt makes a perfect bath for the water chestnuts.

The santorini tomato seedlings are planted with marigolds and basil.

The potting mix I bought turned out to be a 5 in 1 food for the garden so I sprinkled it on the new garden beds.

It was such a great day.  I tidied and straightened. Planted and pulled out. It was the day when winter left the garden and spring started to bloom. Tomorrow I will plant more lettuce and silver beet ready for summer.

And what did I eat tonight. A vegetable risotto with a small cabbage that came up by itself from a piece of cabbage.  Lamb shanks with lentils and the last of the broadbeans cooked in my new toy a pressure cooker.

The lamb shanks were so tender and cooked in under an hour.

Life is so good with a garden enjoy leafy green thanks for visiting RosieG


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