Adzuki Bean Sprouts and Porterhouse from Lismore.

The Adzuki beans sprouted really well, I also sprouted some buckwheat but it wasn’t a great success, the sprouts are very fine, the seed very coarse plus our weather is starting to get a little humid.  This weekend I am going to plant some in seed raising mix and grow it as a micro green.

I know that you are supposed to eat sprouts raw, but I do love them lightly cooked.  Tonights offering was simply sauteed onion, garlic tomato and the adzuki sprouts tossed in once everything was cooked. Then a generous sprinkling of balsamic vinegar and it’s ready.

The steak was very quick to cook, It’s probably easier to cook a medium rare steak than any other.  I always cook it the same way.

Sprinkle salt into the base of a very heavy pan and heat it up really hot. Put the steaks into the pan. Once the blood starts to seep a little on the top turn over. They should turn easily. Brown up the other side. Then take it off the heat put a teaspoon of butter on each steak. A sprinkle of worcester sauce, a squeeze of lemon juice and a shot of brandy or whisky or in tonights case because none of the above were in the cupboard a shot of rum did the trick.

As long as you buy good quality steak this will work every time.  A good butcher is invaluable, meat can vary in quality enormously. I very rarely buy meat from a supermarket it is usually expensive and low grade.  Vegetables are the same. Always find a good grocer or market for your fruit and vegetables.

My vegetable spaghetti are looking a little sick,

and have lady beetles on them.  I am not sure what the problem is. The lady beetles make me think of aphids however it looks more like powdery mildew.

Saturday tomorrow so I will be able to have a good look at them and give them a good seaweed emulsion feed.

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