Kale and Choy Sum micro greens on a poached egg.

Lunch today was at 3:00 in Toowoomba mcdonalds. I was a couple of hours behind where I should be, starving hungry dying for coffee.  I have to admit I am rather partial to Macca’s Grande Angus burger, and I drink gallons of their coffee when I’m on the road visiting customers.  I arrived home at 7 pm and still wasn’t hungry so it was a good job I got my leafy greens this morning on a poached egg with bacon and tomato all on top of the good mans yummy bread.  A real champions breakfast which was probably why I survived till 3 pm.

I did wish I had taken photo’s of one of my customers garden. They work from their home and have only lived there just over two years. They had everything growing strawberries, raspberries, pea’s lettuce, sweet potato, apples from seed, grapes, pumpkin, potato, they were probably the main reason I was so late getting to Toowoomba I had such a lovely visit with them.  And we did talk about shade sails and structures just  a little bit.

Well it was a long day, but a good day so good night all thank you for visiting RosieG


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