My favorite way to eat Radicchio

A lovely salad of Mizuna leaves, radicchio and garlic grilled with balsamic vinegar, toasted pine nuts, golden tomatoes and a sprinkle of perpetual basil with a little salad dressing.

The best way to eat Radicchio is grilled with balsamic vinegar and garlic.  In a heavy cast iron pan add a tiny bit of olive oil. Slightly crush then roughly chop the  garlic. Add radicchio and garlic to the pan together. As soon as they start to wilt and brown give them a good splash of balsamic vinegar, take off heat and toss through salad greens.

Micro greens have grown well. They are almost ready,  next time I will plant them thicker.

 The kang kong has long narrow leaves.

The perpetual basil is growing well

and the santorini tomato seeds which came free in a burkes backyard garden magazine have pretty much all germinated and are growing well.

A Garden makes a beautiful life, Thank you for visiting RosieG


6 responses to “My favorite way to eat Radicchio

  1. Radicchio is a favourite of mine too, and it is just coming into season for me here, so thanks for the recipe 🙂

  2. Hi and Happy New Year! I came across this Blog while searching for info about Santorini Tomatos. I’ve been looking for seeds ever since visiting the island on my honeymoon last year. I learned Burke’s Backyard did an article on them last September and even included seeds! I’ve tried contacting them but haven’t had any luck. I would love to know what the article says and if there’s info on how I could find seeds. Particularly I’m curious how to grow them. I’ve read they need sandy soil to mimic the volcanic island and very little water. Is this true? Do you know what would happen if you planted them in garden soil and watered frequently like other tomatoes? Thanks!

  3. Hi Seth,
    I’m pretty sure I have the article and the original seed packet. I have visitors at the moment, but as soon as I get a chance I will have a look. The tomatoes have grown really well and I am waiting for them to start ripening. I planted them in a couple of places in the garden and in Olive oil tins with potting compost. The ones in the garden have done the best but most of them are starting to fruit. I will take some photos.

    It would have been awesome to go to Santorini it sounds like such a beautiful place.
    Cheers RosieG

    I will be in touch in a few days.

    • Hi Rosie! Thank you so very much for your response. I wasn’t sure if I was going to hear back or not!

      I went to Santorini on my honeymoon, it is spectacular. The island is a volcano and it is very dry. The only other place I’ve been able to find any reference to these tomatoes said to plant them in lava sand and water very infrequently! (This is very strange compared to how I normally garden tomatoes!) Then again this article may have been wrong — — and I can’t find any other information.

      It is wonderful you are planting them in compost! I imagine you are watering as frequently you are other tomatoes, am I correct? How are they doing so far?

      Could you possible take a quick photo of the article and email it to me? Do you know anywhere I could get seeds? I can’t find them anywhere at all online. I simply can’t believe it because these are no doubt the best tomatoes I’ve ever had!

      Thanks again for writing and I look forward to hearing back from you!

      • goldcoastlocal

        Hi Seth,

        Check out my new post, I photographed the magazine page and the seed packet. The seed packet has the address, phone no and web page of the supplier. I am giving the seeds my normal watering, it is so hot here the soil dries out very quickly at the moment. Cheers Rosie G.

      • Rosie, Thank you so very much for taking the time to put up that information! It was exactly what I needed. I was able to contact the seed supplier and placed and order for seeds! I guess the article itself didn’t have much info but it’s still very helpful. Thanks you so much from the other side of the planet!

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