Cauliflower in Coconut milk & beautiful spaghetti flowers.

Cauliflower goes so well with spices and coconut milk.

I sauteed sliced onion and garlic till soft, then added some finely chopped turmeric and galangal and about a tablespoon of coriander seeds from the garden. Cooked it all together until fragrant. Added the cut up cauliflower and stirred it through until the cauliflower turned yellow from the turmeric. Poured over a tin of coconut milk added a splash of apple cider vinegar and a sprinkle of garam masala. Turned the heat low and let it cook away until soft.

But what about the leafy green.  Five minutes or so before it all finished cooking a bunch of my staple silverbeet was sliced and stirred in.

I was out in the garden early this morning, weeding the bed with the few carrots and beetroot. The orange peel does seem to have worked there are no signs of the cat.  My plan for this bed now is to plant lots of leafy greens. Perhaps this is the perfect place for my horta plot. It is probably just a bit over a metre of garden which is just the right size.

The vegetable spaghetti is growing, blossoming and blooming getting bigger everyday.

I also have  a stack of Santorini tomato seedlings.  I have to find a space for. I am looking at the broadbeans which are almost finished and think that perhaps they will fit there.

I have had a wonderful book from the library, “One Magic Square” by Lolo Houbein,  It is going onto my christmas list it is chock full of interesting tips and ideas and lots of inspiration.

Happy gardening, Happy eating, thank you for stopping by RosieG


One response to “Cauliflower in Coconut milk & beautiful spaghetti flowers.

  1. the cauliflower and coconut dish sounds delicious

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