Does anyone know this flower?

I have this beautiful shrub. It flowered last year but the flowers were small and difficult to see. I cut it back by about 2/3rds and suddenly it is covered in these beautiful showy blooms.  Does anyone know what it is called.

The vegetable spaghetti has got it’s first gourds beginning to form. The coriander has gone to seed. Water chestnuts are growing taller and need transplanting. The anise is really starting to come on. It does take a long while to germinate, but it is finally growing.

The garden is growing beautifully. The hole of stones is finally finished two barrowloads of compost went in it today. It needs a couple of bags of organic soil and then it is ready to plant. I have changed my mind about planting potatoes and am going to turn it into a horta patch. Watch this space.

No pictures but there are also tomato seeds sprouting and almost ready to plant out. Just need to make a bed for them. Choy sum and Kale seeds have sprouted and the Kang Kong is growing in leaps and bounds.

For dinner a lovely salad of Mizuna, Sorrel and Perpetual Spinach with avocado, cocktail onions and olives.

Happy Gardening and Happy Eating Thank you for visiting RosieG


One response to “Does anyone know this flower?

  1. goldcoastlocal

    I found out its feijoada and edible

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