How do you lose that last couple of kilos???

Find a garden full of stones and start digging!!

  I have a little problem with high cholesterol. I manage it with eating well and plenty of exercise.  I have been trying to lose a couple of kilos before I go back for my cholesterol test.  But it was so difficult, I always eat too much food!!! A week of digging  when I got chance and those two little kilos have melted away. I still have the pile of stones to move. I can’t believe how many rocks I pulled out of that garden.  But it is done now all I have to do is move the rocks add some compost and it is ready for planting.

Tonights dinner was a lovely spanish inspired omelette with fried potato, onion and bacon topped with grilled radicchio and choy sum flowers.                                     

If you grill the radicchio in a pan once it is cooked you can shake balsamic vinegar over, very tasty.

Tonight I am making one of my two favorite fruit breakfast foods. An apple and apricot spread.  It began as a recipe from Australian Whole foods by Marcea Weber and has evolved into this recipe that that I can eat and eat and eat. I have had this book for 30 years and have cooked this spread many times.

6 Granny Smith Apples cored and roughly chopped no need to peel.

500g dried apricots.

2 cups of sultanas.

3 star anise.

Enough apple juice to cover.

1 tbs miso.

Place everything in a large pan except the miso, bring to boil turn down and simmer uncovered till everything is cooked and broken down.  It takes an hour or two.  Once it is finished cooking take off the heat and stir through the miso.

It is the miso that gives it the most amazing wholefoodie flavour.  Miso is a Umami food. (umami is the fifth primary taste an amino acid) It is the taste that makes us all go ummm!!!

I am meeting my friend tomorrow for her birthday, so I have made her bircher muesli with vanilla yogurt and a container of this lovely umami apple and apricot spread.


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