Purple Carrots & Fresh Mint

I finally got my purple carrots from the market though not the garden. There are 3 or 4 growing in the garden but that is it. Thank you local cat.

It has been a full on week with Dr’s and Orthodontists. Oversea suppliers and customers busy busy busy. Meals have been rushed because I have been late home every night.  Amazing really that we didn’t  end up with any takeaway. But the good man and I worked together and we managed to feed everyone decent food every night.

Tonight we had a beef casserole cooked by both of us. The good mans arm is out of action. So I chopped the onion, garlic and mushroom. The butcher had already cut up the meat. Then the good man cooked the dinner while I was at work and running no.1 son to the orthodontist.

So what to have with the beef casserole, mashed potatoes of course and the amazing purple carrots topped with fresh mint.

What I loved about the purple carrots was that they were purple all the way through and when they were cooked they were still a rich purple colour.

Fresh herbs growing in the garden make such a difference they are easy to grow and are there ready and waiting to be picked and added to a meal in seconds.

Intense flavors, healthy lovely food green and leafy growing in the garden.


3 responses to “Purple Carrots & Fresh Mint

  1. I adore the combination of carrots and mint. I have grown purple carrots (Purple Haze), they were orange in the middle but I didn’t know you could get carrots purple all the way through, so now I’ll have go and scour the seed catalogues 🙂

  2. I had never eaten carrots and mint before, they went really well. The carrots were interesting because I bought them at the market I don’t know what kind they were. When they were raw the purple on the outside was very dark and the centre was a bit white. Once they were cooked they were completely purple looked more like beetroot but tasted like carrots.

    Mint is a remarkable herb, it goes with so many things. It is coming on really well now we are in the middle of spring.

  3. Oooo, thanks for the description I think I’ve just found some they are called Purple Rain 🙂 And while searching I came across the Carrot Museum. Yes it exists (on the web) !

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