Sorrel – an old taste new to us.

A simple salad of mizuna and sorrel

The sorrel is still very young and has an interesting flavour, it reminds me of something but I am not sure what. It is almost citrus but not quite, it is juicy and certainly not sweet.  It reminds me of the burdock leaves that grew by the beck where I grew up.  The oxalic acid is what gives the sorrel leaf its flavour.

The young leaves were great in salad,  the only way I know to cook sorrel is in a french influenced soup laden with cream but the Sydney Morning Herald published a Stephanie Alexander sorrel soup recipe that is dairy free using chicken stock and egg yolks. As soon as the sorrel has grown enough I will try the recipe.

I can see that as it grows it is going to be a vegetable similar to silverbeet in that you can throw it in soups, stews, stir fries any where that you need a green and leafy vegetable.  According to Wikipedia the Greeks add it to spanakopita along with silverbeet and spinach.

The vegetable and herb growers Herb Herbert has a fact sheet on sorrel which is very informative.

My site has now had over a 1000 views, thank you to everyone who has visited I am enjoying the journey and enjoying making new friends through gardening, cooking and writing. Great Blessings RosieG


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