Coriander Flowers and Fresh Mint Garnish


It has been a frantically busy week.  Cleaning the office on Saturday. Working at the market on Sunday, errands after work Monday and to top everything yesterday the Dr called the good man and said you have a melanoma come tonight and I will take it out.  So his poor arm is swathed in bandages but he is very happy because everything nasty is gone.  It doesn’t end tomorrow after work the twins are off to the orthodontist.  Roll on Saturday. I think I will sleep all day.

But today is a good day. At my work we spent the whole day learning about different agricultural shade fabrics and how they work, how plants grow and thrive under them. Roses love a photo red fabric, apples love blue. It was amazing to see the difference in the grapes grown under shade or grown out in the open. Bigger grapes, a higher yield.  It was fascinating learning about plants and how they grow, and what they need.

I had a little bit of time tonight and worked on my hole full of stones.  It is almost cleared now and is looking more like a garden bed. Hopefully this weekend I will be be able to plant the last few seed potatoes.

Dinner – what would a busy mum do without leftovers.  Rice was cooked with Broad beans from the garden. The left over chicken was stirred through the rice, and garnished with Coriander Flowers and fresh Mint.  The leftover roasted tomatoes were whizzed into a sauce and dinner was served. With lots of food from the garden.   Leafy greens provided by Coriander flowers and mint.

Coriander flowers are very pretty delicate white flowers with a lovely soft coriander flavour combined with the fresh mint they lifted the chicken already flavoured with turmeric and galangal into a very different meal from Sunday night.


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