Discipline – planning the pain and planning the pleasure

Joyce Meyer described discipline as planning the pain and planning the pleasure.  I’m a great believer in this especially in the way it relates to cooking.

How does it relate to cooking you might ask.  Well I love cooking, but I also work full time, have two teenagers and am involved in my church. Which means  I don’t want to cook a full meal every night, some nights there just isn’t time.  So for years now I have planned the pain  by ways such as spending a couple of hours cooking a few meals or doubling  a meal, or keeping certain things in the cupboard and  fridge or freezer. Home made salad dressings, Spaghetti sauces, grilled capsicums and eggplants. Little things that can be quickly added to a meal.

Tonights dinner was a meal like this. Errands after work got me home an hour later than usual. So we needed tea in half an hour.

1st the potatoes go on the stove to boil

2nd the sausages are thrown in the pan

3rd the rich meat sauce left over from cooking lamb shanks is defrosted.

4th Chop up parsley and garlic and pick silverbeet.

Wash up – why is there always washing up!!!

Potatoes are cooked so drain them, heat up olive oil toss in garlic till golden add potatoes and chopped parsley.

Sausages are cooked throw over sauce and added shredded silverbeet.

Dinner in 1/2 hour. Real food and lots of fresh leafy green vegetables.


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