Mizuna, Oak leaf and Nasturtium Salad

Before I grew my own lettuce, I never ate a salad without dressing. So often salads are so bland and tasteless.

The lettuce you grow is completely different. This salad tonight needed no salad dressing. The leaves have substance, strength and flavour in them. It has been four months now, eating green and leafy every day. It has given me such an appreciation for the myriad of different green and leafy edible foods there are. I have barely touched the surface. There are so many delicious and easy to grow plants out there that you never see in the shops or the markets. Even those that you see taste so different when you pick them and eat them 15 or 20 mins later.

Thank you for stopping by – go plant some lettuce this weekend Blessings RosieG.


2 responses to “Mizuna, Oak leaf and Nasturtium Salad

  1. the salad looks beautiful, and I can imagine the lovely pepery flavours.

  2. Thank you, I love edible flowers, and nasturtiums are so easy to grow. I had marigolds earlier in the year but they died off in winter. I planted pansy seeds but they didn’t germinate. So I really love my nasturtiums.

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