A garden is like a person…

You don’t know whats underneath until you start digging.

There are 4 little seed potatoes left. The plan was to extend the bed with the potatoes in just a little and plant the four remaining.  We had lots of rain so  the ground will be nice and soft and easy to dig!!!!  Ha that was the plan,  so I dug out the lawn in the marked out space.  Then I put the spade in and I pulled out a stone or two, then another one or two and I kept digging (actually I couldn’t get the spade in to dig properly) and kept pulling out stones without really realising how many were actually coming out.  At first I threw the stones into the blue bin but once it was half full I was over that and started chucking them behind me.

Time moved on quickly and instead of planting seed potatoes  here I am left with a hole and lots of rocks. Hopefully next weekend it will be finished off and the seed potatoes planted. When I look at that hole I am sure that the pile of rocks is bigger than the hole!!!!

Looking at all the rocks I was reminded of that old story about the seed that fell on rocky ground, the seed that fell on the path and the seed that fell on good soil. There is so much truth in that story if my heart is full of the stones of hurt, pain, anger, disappointment, bitterness then my heart can’t produce the good crops of faithfulness, patience, perseverance, integrity, love, joy and peace.

The stones have to be removed from our lives so that we can live good healthy prosperous lives, I am talking about prosperity in the full sense of the word as it relates to a life filled with abundant relationships, good family and friends.

There are times when my heart has been as full of rocks as my garden, getting rid of those rocks is just as painful and hard as digging the rocks out of the garden.  Perhaps more so.  But when those rocks were there I was dying inside, now I am full of freedom and able to live my life with my amazing family and friends in a peace that passes all understanding.

All things work together for good. All those stones I have pulled out of the garden will be used around the beds.  Facing and dealing with the rocks in our heart strengthens and builds us into people that become rocks in our communities people that can bring stability and strength into their communitys and familys.

…and tonights leafy green was kale and mung beans.

Thank you for visiting, become a rock in your family and community Blessings RosieG.


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