Dairy Free Chicken Souboise -a quick dinner

A quick meal with leftover chicken. Busy mums need to get a couple of meals out of chicken. This one takes less than 1/2 an hour to cook.

Dairy Free Chicken Souboise

Saute 2 medium chopped onions and 2 rashers of bacon in margerine.  Add 2 heaped dessertspoons of cornflour. Stir through and add soy milk slowly till you have a nice thick sauce. Mix in 1 tsp of hot english mustard then add 1 cup of chicken stock. (for quick meals like this I use an oxo cube) Add diced chicken plus a cup each of frozen peas and corn. Then add any extra vegetables you like. I added shredded silverbeet and garlic chives.  Dinner is ready.

If you put potatoes on first they will be ready, but who can eat plain boiled potatoes unless they are out of the garden. So drain the pan add some butter or margerine for the dairy free and saute slivered almonds and garlic till a nice crunchy golden colour. Toss broken up potatoes and a handful of mung bean sprouts through – Delicious.

Dinner in 1/2 an hour, lots of vegetables and dairy free.

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