Finally Broad Beans :-)

Tonight I picked my first crop of Broad beans.

April 23rd the first broad bean seedling peeps out.

It was the 2nd sowing. The first seeds were sown directly into a garden bed and were rained on day after day. They never showed up.

Broad beans need to be kept dry for 10 days after sowing.  So the second sowing went into tubes, was given a good watering then put under cover where the sun could reach them but not the rain.


Once all the seedlings had come up, they were planted into the garden.  One little issue with aphids. At first I tried washing them off with soapy water but that didn’t really work.  So I sprayed them. That worked and after that the plants thrived.

                          I cooked the beans with Rice and Olive Oil,  added a salad of fresh tomato and home sprouted mung beans and dinner became delicious and healthy

To cook Rice and Broadbeans.

Heat 3 tablespoons olive oil, stir through one and half cups long grain rice, saute until rice is translucent.  Add three cups of water and one tsp salt.  Bring to boil, turn heat to medium and simmer until the water is gone and there are holes in the rice. Tip the broad beans on top of the rice, cover with a lid and turn heat to low, leave on heat for ten minutes. Turn heat off, leave pan sitting on stove top covered for another 10 minutes. Stir beans gently through rice and serve.


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