A busy weekend planting and the water garden is started.

Busy weekend in the garden.

I am fascinated by the concept of micro greens tiny little plants full of flavour and goodness, so this time I have planted Kale and Rocket, I started with nice neat rows but in the end there were too many seeds and so they were just scattered into the seed raising mix.

The Santorini tomato seeds and a packet of Giant edible Violas  have started  their life in seedling trays.  I love planting seeds, watching and waiting for the tiny bits of green to start poking through, and this time I have been careful to label what is growing in what tray.

There is no sign of any potatoes yet, It is about 10 days since they were planted.

But great excitement the water garden is started albeit with two containers but it is started and contains Kang Kong and Water Chestnuts.

It’s been a busy and productive weekend in the garden.  A pattern is starting to develop to keep that flow of green and leafy to eat every day.  We love Mizuna lettuce and silverbeet and have staggered plantings.  Mung beans are easy to sprout and give a quick nutritious change.  I am starting to work out what is perennial or long lasting and am working out the spots in the garden where these things can grow and keep on growing.  Herbs like curly parsley were growing in bits and pieces all over the garden.  This weekend I gathered them all together in one spot where they can thrive and fill the area.

I probably won’t prepare any more beds just yet but will work on the ones I have, enriching the soil and keeping them weed free.

Enjoy the sunshine, thank you for visiting RosieG.


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