Home grown garlic, oregano and corn salad.

1st home grown garlic.  It’s a bit small but very powerful.  Only about 3 or 4     cloves. The interesting thing is that I have garlic  growing from sprouting garlic that I bought from the fruit shop. It looks much greener and stronger than the garlic seed. Next summer I will buy only Australian garlic and plant what sprouts.

Beautiful oregano is filling up the salad bowl.  At the moment there is also Mizuna lettuce and Curly Parsley in there. But as the Oregano grows I will take the others out.

Tonight we had a lovely salad of Mizuna lettuce, Corn Salad and Oregano leaves

      Tomorrow I have to leave my garden again. we are going away to visit family but this is the last time now until next year.  I am staying at my Mothers who is a great gardener so I will check out what is happening with her garden and hopefully bring home some rosemary cuttings.

This afternoon I planted as many seed potato as would fit in the bed and covered them with plenty of compost and straw I have given them a good water  and will give them another one before I go.  If there isn’t any rain I might ask our friend who lives downstairs if he can water them for me.

So here is to gardening and cooking and lots of good friends and family. Thank you for visiting RosieG.


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