Has anyone got a spare dog? I don’t like cats anymore!!!

Lily in Mum's garden

The cat has been back on my carrot and beetroot seedlings, the ground is all dug up and walked on and there are little presents from the cat.  I need a dog.  My carefully laid bougainvillea twigs didn’t appear to work at all.  Such is life.

It does solve one problem for me, I can plant some potatoes there. The potatoes are underground and the ground is covered in straw which hopefully isn’t very attractive to Mr Pussy cat.

Tonight we had a lovely salad of mixed leaves with rosemary and garlic dressing and a Veal Osso Buco.  I have a brilliant butcher if you live near Nerang go to Hinterland meats at Earle Plaza Shopping Centre.  The meat is amazing, this osso buco was veal not yearling so tiny pieces that cooked so well in the sauce.  It was delicious and I coated the spaghetti  with gremalata not  a traditional one tonight it was made with basil instead of parsley.

Osso Buco is perfect food for busy mums.  I cooked this on Saturday. After I browned the lamb forequarter chops I browned the veal then added a bottle of passata and about a cup of red wine.  Brought it to boil, covered and simmered for 3 hours or so until the oil separates from the meat and the meat falls off the bones.  Preparation only takes a few minutes, I cleaned up while the meat was browning.  Then it went into the fridge for a quick meal tonight.  You can double this recipe easily and freeze half for later.  So very good food for busy mothers.


One response to “Has anyone got a spare dog? I don’t like cats anymore!!!

  1. My dad read that cats don’t like orange peel, so leave it close to where they leave their little presents and they won’t go back there. So I will give this a go and see if it works.

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