Lamb Saag for busy mums.

Lamb, Silverbeet and curry spices go together so well.  Although I love to cook from scratch with Indian Spices sometimes life is busy and you want to get dinner on quickly and let it cook whilst you do other things.  (like weeding the garden getting it ready to plant potatoes, or watch a movie or read a good book.)  So I always keep some curry powder in the cupboard for days like today.

Lamb Saag

Brown lamb forequarter chops.  Slice an onion and a couple of cloves of garlic. Saute with a good shake of curry powder till onions are soft and everything is a nice golden color. Add chops to mix and about 1 cup of water. Cook slowly till forequarter chops are tender. They can take a couple of hours to become tender.  Take chops out of cooking liquid, add finely chopped silverbeet and cook for a few minutes. Then use a stick blender to blend the cooked silverbeet and cooking liquid together.

To serve place rice in centre of plate.  Put the forequarter chop on top of the rice and top with plenty of silver beet sauce.  Add or any of your favorite Indian pickles and chutneys for a lovely simple dinner.


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