Keeping a cat off my seedlings

A neighbors cat has trampled all over my beetroot seedlings. I don’t know how many will survive.  I have seeds germinating all over the garden and now I am worried about what the cat will do to them.

Last week I cut down a bougainvillea I didn’t get to the tip thank goodness.  Because here was an idea. Lay the twigs from the bougainvillea across the gardens bed.  The theory is that when the cat goes on the bed the thorns will catch it’s fur, annoy it,  cause a problem for it and off it will go hopefully leaving my garden alone.  We will see.

All the carrot seedlings started life under a board.  The seedlings are about an inch long. Planted at the same time as all the other seeds which are only just starting to show above the soil. The difference is amazing. I wonder if it works with other seedlings.

Tonight a chicken frittata with left over chicken and vegetables means dinner is ready in 20 mins.

Working on two eggs per person. Heat a splodge of olive oil in the frying pan, saute a sliced onion,  (apparently Indian mothers whose adult children are overseas always ask them “are you eating plenty of onions”.  Why?  because they are so good for you.)  Add left over chicken and vegies heat through.  Pour over beaten eggs, top with silverbeet. Turn heat down low, cover until cooked.

For households that are not dairy free a handful of cheese adds more protein and flavour. Viola quick easy dinner, we cheat and have wedges with it.  Because even though I love cooking it isn’t possible to spend hours cooking every night.

Blessings, watch out for the cat. Thank you for visiting RosieG


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