How to give bland shop bought tomatoes flavor.

It is a long process. Never eat tomato seeds, it is what often makes food acidic.  Throw the tomato seeds on the compost heap.  When you have lovely rich compost spread it around your garden and if your in South East Queensland tomato plants will come up everywhere.  We have been eating tomatoes from the garden now for about 4 weeks and still have more growing.  All completely free they keep popping up everywhere.

Today we made a lovely salad from red and green lettuce leaves,  rocket, nasturtium and mizuma lettuce.  Topped with a heap of tiny tomatoes.

Seeds are starting to come up everywhere.

The carrot seeds are the most amazing they are quite long and plenty of them.  It is the board that makes the difference. Next time I plant beetroot I am going to try the same thing, see if it works.  Today there is one beetroot seedling.

The vegetable spaghetti to is amazing yesterday there was nothing now there are 3 seedlings about an inch high.

See you tomorrow, blessings to you RosieG.


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