It’s good to be home, the mango tree is looking good.

It’s good to be home, the next trip is a family holiday with all my family. Parents, sister, niece and nephews which will be wonderful.  The garden is looking well, the calendula are the only seeds just starting to poke through.

Today I planted more mizuna lettuce and silverbeet seedlings.  Plus lots of small pots of seeds, for micro greens.

The big job was spraying the mango tree and the azaleas with fungal spray.  Last year we had no mangos at all. They dropped off when they were tiny.  I have been spraying them with Mancozeb a fungicide.  The other thing I have done is dig  wood ash around them. The wood ash adds nutrients to the soil.  They are looking healthier, the fruit is there we will have to see how it goes.

A great way to give Roast Chicken flavour is to lift the skin and put oil garlic and lemon juice under the skin. To this one I also added some rosemary.  When you crush garlic if you add salt it releases the oil and gives a more pungent salty oily mix which is delicious.  Cover the chicken with this both under the skin and on the skin and roast as normal.  A squirt of lemon juice in the cavity or 1/2 a lemon also works wonders.


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